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Latest News / Higgins 78ft P T BOAT TEST RUN
« Last Post by rondean on 11 February 2024, 16:14:31 »
Test run for the kit of the Higgins 78ft P T boat at last.
 A cold blustery day and the lake level was very high, but we have been waiting a long time for some decent weather to test run her. A mile down the road it was brilliant sunshine ?.
 see her here on You Tube

 Kit is to 1/24th scale powered by 2 falcon 5 motors running on 3800 6v nicads on 32.5 mm nylon props. Higgins boats played a large roll in the Mediterranean Sea area combating enemy shipping. Including duels with German E-boats or S-Boats (Schnellbooten) and heavily armored and armed barges known as F-lighters. During World War II, PT boats engaged enemy warships, transports, tankers, barges, and sampans. As gunboats they could be effective against enemy small craft, especially armoured barges used by the Japanese for inter-island transport. Several saw service with the Philippine Navy, where they were named "Q-boats", most probably after President Manuel L. Quezon. Primary anti-ship armament was four 2,600 pound (1,179 kg) Mark 8 torpedoes. Launched by 21-inch Mark 18 (530 mm) torpedo tubes, each bore a 466-pound (211 kg) TNT warhead and had a range of 16,000 yards (14,630 m) at 36 knots (66 km/h). Two twin M2 .50 cal (12.7 mm) machine guns were mounted for anti-aircraft defence and general fire support. Some boats shipped a 20 mm Oerlikon cannon. Propulsion was via a trio of Packard 4M-2500 and later 5M-2500 supercharged gasoline-fueled, liquid-cooled marine engines. Nicknamed "the mosquito fleet" – and "devil boats" by the Japanese – the PT boat squadrons were heralded for their daring and earned a durable place in the public imagination that remains strong into the 21st century.
Customers Builds / Re: HMS Hood RC Conversion
« Last Post by rondean on 06 February 2024, 08:39:14 »
 try putting a question on the model boat mayhem site as well there is a section on motorising plastic kits.
Customers Builds / HMS Hood RC Conversion
« Last Post by davidred on 05 February 2024, 12:15:19 »
I am very new to this. I am building a Trumpeter 1 200 Hood and using Dean's twin screw Rc conversion kit. What is the best solution for fitting of the decks so one gain gain access to the electronic components. Many thanks
Latest News / new hull in the Mouldeans range
« Last Post by rondean on 20 January 2024, 14:40:16 »
Hi All
 We have added a new hull to the mouldeans range of G/F hulls and 2 new plans for this hull. The craft is the Italian M A S 500 series boat with a twin stepped hull exhaust a fender details and as something special the towing eye and dagger plate are cast metal and bonded in to the hull to save trying to add these fragile detail items to a hull.
  Length is 780mm x  beam 220 mm
 The photo plan of the original model  is of MAS 505, the other plan available is for the 500 series model a drawn plan with explode view detailing. Both plans have embedded pictures of the original model for detailing.
 Deans marine
 see them here
Electrics / Re: 1/72 Type 22 Frigate
« Last Post by colin on 18 January 2024, 10:57:43 »
Well Simon,
You have not given us much information to go on..!

Reicever = any that match your transmitter..
ESC = any that match or is better than the voltage and ampage drawn by the motors..

As for the matter of capacitors, 47 uf from the motor terminals to the motor case, and a 100 uf between the motor terminals.. some DC motors have these capacitors built in..!!
They are only used, so as to reduce electrical noise..  which does come in handy when useing the older radio gear.. when the receiver is situated near the motor..

That said.. place the receiver as far away from electrical noise as possible..

The modern 2.4 GHz Radio gear, is not quite effected in this way..
Latest News / USS Curtiss Wilbur 1/200 kit running gear
« Last Post by rondean on 13 January 2024, 10:41:02 »
H all
 At last the running gear set for the Curtis Wilbur kit is now finished and in production.
Running gear set for the Trumpeter USS Curtis Wilbur kit. 2 x Motors, mounts, 2 x special shafts,
 2 x 5 blade props, servo mount, 2 x nychrome couplings, clamps,
 2 x cast metal rudders,2 x tiller arms, connectors, capacitors,
 C/D of set up picture.
 Very pleased with it for a small model and the performance, may now try the set out with some mods in the Trumpeter1/200 scale Russian Sovremenny kits. another kit to go in to the store for finished when I retire ??
Electrics / 1/72 Type 22 Frigate
« Last Post by Noisy95 on 12 January 2024, 17:41:04 »
Hello all,

Turning to this incredible source of knowledge to help(!) with my newest RC model: Fleetscale 1/72 Type 22 Frigate (twin screws).
I've got a couple of Speed 850 motors, and a 12v lead acid battery, but nothing else so far.

Would be thrilled with input on ESC, receiver, and capacitors that would suit this setup the best. I'm also not super clear how to wire in the capacitors.

Any insights would be most helpful!
Latest News / Re: USS Curtiss Wilbur 1/200 kit running gear
« Last Post by rondean on 05 January 2024, 14:34:26 »
 Hi All
 At last a reasonable day without strong wind and rain, test run of the running gear set by Deans Marine for the USS Curtis Wilbur  r/c model. First test run,  most part not fixed in place or fixed ballast so a bit rattly to test handling and stability, all seems good for first run, now to fix it all in place inside. Develop the aluminium patterns for the vac-forms and the centrifugal moulds to go in to the 20 ton press for the cast metal parts, trail test them all in a hull and then ready to add the range. The hull will be put away in the box for completion one day in the future ( how many of us have a store of these then ?)
Ducks seem to like it as well so it can not be to noisy.  See he running on you tube here.   Ron
Latest News / Re: USS Curtiss Wilbur 1/200 kit running gear
« Last Post by rondean on 02 January 2024, 16:14:23 »
Hi All
Lots of work done over the new year break on this project, rudder master carved, motor mounts trail and test fitted, shafts and tubes and props fitted,
3 tries at the correct length couplings, motors trial fitted, test layout for the r/c gear, servo mount designed and trial one fixed in place with a servo, all wired up,
just need some nice weather to trial her on the water,
all we get is storms.
Latest News / USS Curtiss Wilbur 1/200 kit running gear
« Last Post by rondean on 30 December 2023, 15:23:41 »
Christmas now over and almost cleared away and dad duties done, now to open own presents. Big box with one of the first 1/200 scale USS Curtis Wilbur kits, goody.

Off to the workshop to develop a running gear set to add to the range, I thought some may be interested in how it develops.
First off open and study the kit, very nice details and lots of parts, next access, open out the deck openings, and trail fit and mark positions of internal equipment.
List of problems to solve,
Big 5 blade props,
slimline shafts,
small rudders offset to the prop centres,
Limited space in the stern to fit double tiller arms,
Will need small dia motors to keep the shafts angles shallow as possible.
First off brass 5 blade props, 2mm slimline shafts with M4 ends. Produce metal rudders with stainless steel shafts to replace plastic static one in the kit.
Jobs to
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