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« Last Post by rondean on 26 February 2024, 15:21:19 »
A model in the Peterborough club on its test run, not quite finished, not the best days very cold wind and gusty, but needs must to get on with the build for the summer. 1/35th scale length 965mm x beam 180mm powered by a kyte motor running on 6 volts Nimh battery. The "Wacht am Rhein VII" was built in 1893 as a Rhein tug by the P. Boele Shipyard at Slikkerveer in Holland.  She was a tug powered by a coal fired boiler,a compound engine developing 300 IHP and was designed specially for the middle part of the river Rhein which has lots of  bends and very strong currents.  Her hull design is long and narrow  to suit these conditions. The steering and control gear is behind the funnel giving very little view forward but with a much better view of the ships which she tows.  In 1894 the ship was taken into service under the name "Wacht am Rhein VIII" by J Huttner in Wesel-Buderich.  This company was established at an outstanding location on a bend of the Rhein where in addition to towage they ran a hotel-restuarant.  To date (1993) this hotel-restaurant was still managed by the Huttner family although the shipping operation was sold off many years ago. Around the turn of the century the ship came under the control of the Johann Knipscheer Shipping Company who were the first firm who dared to attempt to tow a ship upstream to Basel on the Swiss border.  The ship was renamed "Direktor Johann Knipscheer". In 1919 she was renamed "Speculant".  Between 1924 and 1957 a number of major alterations were made to her power plant and superstructure. Today In 1972 she was renamed Pieter Boele, after her original builder and in 1987 handed over to the Prins Hendrik Maritime Museum in Dordrecht where she has been kept in service by volunteer enthusiasts.   SEE HER ON YOU TUBE
Customers Builds / Re: HMS Solebay
« Last Post by colin on 24 February 2024, 14:09:21 »
My son in law has one of theses sets..
He is happy with it..  ^^^

But just to answer your question on "suitable"..!
Any radio gear with more than two channels can be classed as suitable..

I would say it all comes down to your budget, and what could be in the future..
1. Wether more than two channels would be required..
2. Mixing of channels...
3. The posibility to store different settings for different models...
Customers Builds / Re: HMS Solebay
« Last Post by Railbob on 21 February 2024, 19:42:36 »
Thanks Basher, I’ll get the Flysky i6 ordered ????
Customers Builds / Re: HMS Solebay
« Last Post by Basher60 on 21 February 2024, 15:17:25 »
Flysky is a great radio as can use it to control several models with one transmitter all you have to get is a receiver and relevant servos and escs i have 2 models controlled with the one transmitter.
It gets a bit of getting to know the pairing up but once you know it its simple.
Customers Builds / Re: HMS Solebay
« Last Post by Railbob on 20 February 2024, 13:55:38 »
I've just ordered 2 x 10 Viper marine for Solebay and I was thinking of using the Flysky FS-i6 Remote system, does anyone have experience of this set and will it be suitable ?

Customers Builds / Re: HMS Solebay
« Last Post by rondean on 12 February 2024, 14:58:33 »
Customers Builds / HMS Solebay
« Last Post by Railbob on 11 February 2024, 16:28:31 »
Well after a break of a few years due to moving to a new house I've purchased Solebay, I had intended to try a semi-kit HMS Swiftsure but thought I'd better get back to basics first. I followed Pegasus's build of Solebay with great interest and thought "I'd like one of those" so bought one very recently. I intend to build her with dual esc's at Ron's suggestion as it will give better control in manoeuvring along with a 4/6ch rc setup. As the build progresses I hope to post some photo's of her.

Latest News / Higgins 78ft P T BOAT TEST RUN
« Last Post by rondean on 11 February 2024, 16:14:31 »
Test run for the kit of the Higgins 78ft P T boat at last.
 A cold blustery day and the lake level was very high, but we have been waiting a long time for some decent weather to test run her. A mile down the road it was brilliant sunshine ?.
 see her here on You Tube

 Kit is to 1/24th scale powered by 2 falcon 5 motors running on 3800 6v nicads on 32.5 mm nylon props. Higgins boats played a large roll in the Mediterranean Sea area combating enemy shipping. Including duels with German E-boats or S-Boats (Schnellbooten) and heavily armored and armed barges known as F-lighters. During World War II, PT boats engaged enemy warships, transports, tankers, barges, and sampans. As gunboats they could be effective against enemy small craft, especially armoured barges used by the Japanese for inter-island transport. Several saw service with the Philippine Navy, where they were named "Q-boats", most probably after President Manuel L. Quezon. Primary anti-ship armament was four 2,600 pound (1,179 kg) Mark 8 torpedoes. Launched by 21-inch Mark 18 (530 mm) torpedo tubes, each bore a 466-pound (211 kg) TNT warhead and had a range of 16,000 yards (14,630 m) at 36 knots (66 km/h). Two twin M2 .50 cal (12.7 mm) machine guns were mounted for anti-aircraft defence and general fire support. Some boats shipped a 20 mm Oerlikon cannon. Propulsion was via a trio of Packard 4M-2500 and later 5M-2500 supercharged gasoline-fueled, liquid-cooled marine engines. Nicknamed "the mosquito fleet" – and "devil boats" by the Japanese – the PT boat squadrons were heralded for their daring and earned a durable place in the public imagination that remains strong into the 21st century.
Customers Builds / Re: HMS Hood RC Conversion
« Last Post by rondean on 06 February 2024, 08:39:14 »
 try putting a question on the model boat mayhem site as well there is a section on motorising plastic kits.
Customers Builds / HMS Hood RC Conversion
« Last Post by davidred on 05 February 2024, 12:15:19 »
I am very new to this. I am building a Trumpeter 1 200 Hood and using Dean's twin screw Rc conversion kit. What is the best solution for fitting of the decks so one gain gain access to the electronic components. Many thanks
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