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City Of Ely
« on: 21 August 2013, 19:52:50 »
we have been sent some Photo's of the Deansmarine Liberty Ship "City Of Ely" built by Mr Lange of Germany

he says in his Email :
I enjoyed building very much and look forward to starting with the ?Kidd?.

i am sorry to say in the mail there was no other information, for example, static or RC model.

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Re: City Of Ely
« Reply #1 on: 22 August 2013, 15:52:54 »
Yes a very nice clean lines and looks great.  Nice one ^^^

Andreas Lange

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Re: City Of Ely
« Reply #2 on: 23 August 2013, 08:38:08 »
Dear Colin,

here is some background about the model of the City of Ely: It has been build as a working RC-model but I haven't tried it yet. The RC equipment was inherited from the RC car of my son who has grown out of it. The e-motor is a Faulhaber type 2842 with no gear attached to reduce noise and vibrations. I have also attached some iron mass in the extreme stern section to act against vibrations in the rather thin glassfibre hull. It' a steam ship so there should be complete silence when running! Besides that I used styrene wherever possible because the bonding seams are very thin. The hatch covers are from aluminium foil glued on flat styrene. The alu was worked on with my fist on a carpet to achieve the looks of canvas.
I look forward to the first run on a nearby lake.

Best Regards from Germany


P.S: Thank you all for your favourable comments!