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HMS Fencer
« on: 23 July 2018, 15:42:49 »
we have been sent in some more photo's, this time a nice build of HMS Fencer..
and some video footage..

Dear sir,
I am a Japanese RC ship modeler and bought this HMS Fencer about 12years ago from you directly
Just before this  kit had been put into market.
In the beginning, It took too much time to make the  hull so that I was tired with continuing the work.
Consequently, I stopped making the ship for a long time, but restarted again as I retire from business
due to reaching the expected age.
Last month, in such a background she came to be launched at last successfully,
And trial runs have been   made  so far five times  to confirm various function as a
lake-going RC ship.
Attached are some of the pictures taken during the trials.
I am very happy if you kindly get a picture in your “customer model”
Please choose a picture whichever you think best for putting in the column.
Best regards,
Ken Yoda is my handle name