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Re: HMS Enchantress
« Reply #15 on: 03 August 2020, 12:00:34 »
As per normal, while one assembly has been worked on, it’s onto the next, there for a few assemblies can be completed in a rather reasonable time scale…

The Funnel has had a bit of its detail added, as I think I have already mentioned, I have opted for the single stanchions that are also available from Deansmarine these have been threaded with 0.2mm nickel silver from Albion alloys also available from Deansmarine..

The two direction and range finders plus the searchlight platform have managed their way through my sticky fingers.. All quit easy to assemble..  Plus I have started on the railing for the rear superstructures.. Again here are the single stanchions and 0.2mm nickel silver, I mesure the complete length required, start on one of the longer sides, place the stanchions, then pass the nickel silver through, line it all up, so I have the right amount if wire in the right place, a pinhead of superglue in the corners, then with a pair of flat long nose pliers holing all three wires bend them round the corner… thread the next stanchion onto the wire.. so on and so forth..