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Deans Marine models at Dortmund expo
« on: 16 May 2019, 16:16:41 »
 Hi Modellers
I have been asked by the modelers in Germany to place this article on the forum to show the model display they have constructed for the Dortmund model exhibition and other displays they will attend in Germany to display models of our kits.

Writing in forums is not my thing. Especially not in English. It takes me hours to find the right wording by getting it correct and the time it takes to look up technic.

The photo of the thick cannon is from Malta. A 100 ton gun barrel. I found a drawing on the internet by accident. The idea of a coastal fortress was born. So I signed off the thing and printed in 3 d. After that we built the fortress. Something else to go with it we have many Deans models in our club.
I started last Year with 3 D printing. It is very difficult to find a program for the 3 D drawings. The most of them are too expensive for me, but I found one program.
It cost a lot of time to construct fittings or for example the gun. Time who I can´t build my ships. I think, that I need many time for the 3 D printing und drawing.
Well, the cannon of Malta was the only gun I found. The drawing showed the gun in the longitudinal section. ideal for my program. The thing was too big, I only noticed when I took it from the printer. As for the range, well, I probably shot over the target. Looks funny anyway.
I would be glad if you would post the pictures, or part of it, in the forum.
the name of my club is “ MSV Hürtgenwald” .
Peter and I are working alone on this project from October 2018 to the exhibition in Dortmund. It was a long time in my cellar.
It was something else to exhibit at the exhibition in Dortmund an English port with floating Deans Marine ships. Especially since we showed the spectators all day that all ships are also radio controlled.

The following models could be seen on the display:
HMS M 15    HMS M 33   HMS Humber    HMS Inflexible   SS. Redshanks
All models were from Deans Marine, because no one else has British ships for our display
Next year, the model will be completely finished. 3 models are still missing.
 At the side where the lighthouse is still missing will be the shipyard. She is still in the cellar with me
 On the side where the fortress is still missing the typical cliff.  It is still in the cellar with Peter. unfortunately we missed the time at the end for Dortmund.
 For next year, Peter and I will bring the 2 Clyde Puffer and a tug to the Seaman on the water.
 I hope you enjoy..

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Re: Deans Marine models at Dortmund expo
« Reply #1 on: 18 May 2019, 17:51:28 »
Not only were there some of the Deans Marinemodels on the MSV Hürtgenwald stand, but they also put in an appearance on the MBV Hofstade (Belgium) stand where they formed part of a large diorama of Zeebrugge harbour.  This diorama is a 3 year project and will have more detail added at each show it attends