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Posted by: Martin
« on: 18 May 2018, 10:58:11 »


Not going to say any more after this, but hope you realise that it was not me who was offensive, but please notice the reply I got from Dean's that I posted on here before , and you may have wrongly attributed to me:

"Dear Sir,
  taking the details you require from the details out from the codes
account number 68675451
sort code  08 92 50
Suggest you read up on the news new laws re card payments before you tell us how to run a worldwide business
Deans Marine".  I say no more, just wanted to clarify that I am not trying to teach anyone their job, just do not wish to be misconstrued as a troublemaker.  Last on this subject, it is not for me to further admonish anyone.  Dean's Marine has taken my order, and been exceptionally friendly with this order.  I shall be using them again.  Hope that mayt clarify any misunderstanding.  Have a good, peaceful, and restful day.  Martin
Posted by: Martin
« on: 17 May 2018, 13:56:17 »

The problem was that I was told I could only pay by IBAN/Swift, as I think the person responding thought I only had a foreign account.  I was hoping to use my English Lloyd's account, using sort code and account as is usual, but I was told I could not do that.  I think some wires were crossed.... I have a UK home address, and a UK business address, so the transaction I wanted was 100% British, with an option to use the French address if there were problems.  I did change my thoughts part way through, as it took so long to ascertain what I wanted, and so the idea of the UK addresses came up.
Regarding PayPal, I was told that any order would be going to my home address, as I was notified there is a lot of criminal activity going on, and people taking money via PayPal on a different address.  My integrity was never doubted before, and my PayPal has been used for years, both in the UK and abroad, and I have never had a transaction problem, including even Russia, until now.

I do not know what the real underlying problem is, but I made a transaction with Dean's via the online shop, so am happy with things as they finally turned out to be.

However, I do not feel I can speak to anyone by email or phone as there have been confusing replies, and if I need other things, I shall purchase from the website, eBay, or a local supplier where I can ask questions.  There are several in Nice and Avignon, and as I speak fluent French, it may be easier than the experience I had!

No denigration to Dean's, I just wanted to point out where I felt weaknesses lay, in order to avoid future confusion to you or your clients.....  after all, this is supposed to be a hobby, and hobbies are to be enjoyed.  Have a stress free day!
Posted by: colin
« on: 16 May 2018, 11:37:45 »

I am not to sure we're the problem lies...  I think I am in a simular situation as far as the non UK resident, but also have a UK bank account and address..

In PayPal,  both my German and UK address are known.. my PayPal account is conecting to my German bank account..

If I were to log into PayPal to pay then my German bank account would be debited..
If I did not log into PayPal,  then I have the opportunity to enter my UK bank details..

I also have to opportunity to pay in pounds or euros.. from which ever account..

I can also use my German account and just do a bank transfer

Or I phone deansmarine and give them my UK bank details..

All of these options are available in the online shop..   
Posted by: colin
« on: 16 May 2018, 10:18:17 »

This is just a reminder of the forum rules..

Keep it clean.. this is a forum for modelers run by modelers..
This service that deansmarine provide, for us.. is for us..  so just think about that..! 
Posted by: Martin
« on: 14 May 2018, 14:06:52 »

I live in France some of the time, but have a house in the UK, and wanted to get items for RC for three ships.

I bank with Lloyds, but there seems to be a problem with payment, for some strange reason.

I was incessantly given the IBAN and Swift codes for payment, but these are for international transactions according to my bank, so the only option was either to pay in Euros into a German bank account, or convert into GBP equivalent in Euros .... and pay a fee when not necessary.

When ringing my bank, it was confirmed by a manager that SWIFT and IBAN are definitely only for international transactions, and that the normal way was to use sort code, and account number.  I got these details from the codes, and emailed Dean's with the details, and they informed me that "Dear Sir
  taking the details you require from the details out from the codes
account number 68675451
sort code  08 92 50
Suggest you read up on the news new laws re card payments before you tell us how to run a worldwide business
Deans Marine"

I am very upset that it seems I cannot buy what I require, after some long time in negotiating my needs.  Of course, if I had no English address, I would be paying internationally, and IBAN and Swift would be used.

Furthermore there was an implication that PayPal, VISA and Mastercard are not viable, so I have no idea as to whether they are discontinued or not, but they are still shown on the website.

Come on Dean's, give me a true payment method that can be used UK - UK, for Lloyds Bank.... I have done all I can.... how do other Brit users fare?  Do your banks accept account to account transactions, or is it just Lloyds that has this method?  And if cards are not accepted, what options are there... I find the email reply to be high and mighty, and a real disappointment from Dean's.  I am a newbie to this hobby, and needed advice, but instead of that, I got a lot of terse replies, as if I was a nuisance.  That is not the way to take more than a thousand pounds from my pocket.....
I am more disappointed than angry