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Topic Summary

Posted by: colin
« on: 03 September 2013, 10:22:23 »

glad you chaps enjoyed the photo....

yes Joe, i would imagine it was very hard for the enemy to train on a tribal class.

i know what you mean Robin, luckily enough both captains can sail there ships very good, so such photo`s are easy to come by..
Posted by: Tommydean
« on: 03 September 2013, 05:06:21 »

Yes great photo!    Like how your destroyer is cutting through the water ^^^
Posted by: karlgalster
« on: 02 September 2013, 19:01:44 »

Nice picture Colin, not that easy to set up the subjects and take the photo. I find most modellers get nervous when I try and sail in formation with them. :'(
Posted by: radio joe
« on: 02 September 2013, 16:53:30 »

Nice photo Colin, those early tribal destroyers certainly presented a low profile for any enemy gunners at that time and fast even by todays standards,
I'm going to order her frigate name sake later this mouth.  Joe
Posted by: cabin boy
« on: 02 September 2013, 14:10:12 »

Colin, they look magnificent, well done. A picture like that makes everything worth while, and an inspiration to those us just starting out, many thanks, Regards Clive
Posted by: colin
« on: 02 September 2013, 11:22:05 »

HMS Inflexible and HMS Zulu on Patrol...
Posted by: colin
« on: 27 August 2013, 05:53:06 »

sorry to say, but the brass etched ones have not gone into Production yet... it was a set that i got made up specially for me.

Deansmarine only have the white metal fittings available..!

if you know some one that can do brass etchings i can send you the drawing..
Posted by: paul swainson
« on: 26 August 2013, 20:58:22 »

Do you have the deans refer number for the etch parts, Think I will get some.
Posted by: colin
« on: 26 August 2013, 14:15:31 »

the pulleys are brass etchings that i got made up for me.

i used the pulleys that were in the kit for the measurements and redrew them in Coral Draw.

so basically they are the white metal fitting that Deansmarine has for all there 1/96 kits, just been made out of brass
if you go back to page 10 you will see close ups of the making of the pulleys.
Posted by: paul swainson
« on: 26 August 2013, 13:40:20 »

Hi Colin, the first photo is what I am looking for, the pulleys you used or made to secure the boats to the Davits.   Did you make these or is there a supplier I could use.  Paul.
Posted by: colin
« on: 26 August 2013, 13:21:23 »

Hi Paul,
i imagine you are talking about the ships boats on the Davits... 7 Of..??

these are not really classified as lifeboats, there working boats and used to erect the torpedo nets and patrol round the ship when anchored.

there not actually secured in place, they hang on there ropes that are connected to the Davits through pulleys.
on the davits i made some tieoffs (cleats) and wrapped the rope (string) around the cleats.

hope this is what you were asking for, or do you mean the torpedoboats and Steam launches on the boatsdeck.

Posted by: paul swainson
« on: 26 August 2013, 12:49:39 »

Hi Colin, would you be kind enough to put a close up of the life boats so that we can see how you secured them.   I really do not like the way I have done mine but would love to see how you did yours and what you used.  Thank you if you take the time to did this for me and I hope others.
Posted by: colin
« on: 22 May 2013, 18:26:16 »

no Problems... if the information helps... there your welcome to it..
Posted by: maedis
« on: 22 May 2013, 10:46:58 »

Hi Colin,

With this model you were doing a great job!!! I will have an eye on your other projects... - hoping you could forgive me about that "espionage"!
Have lots of thanks to you for all that awesome nice pictures.
I find them very helpful for overworking my 1:700-scale scratchbuilt model of the Inflexible.
Guess this thread is the best source you can find in the web concerning the look of that ship.

Also a lot of thanks to Deans Marine for that wonderful model!

Cheers to all of you!

Posted by: swiftdoc
« on: 22 June 2012, 19:04:36 »

Hi Colin,

it surely must have been a great moment for you receiving the gold medal. I like your shirt. Can you buy it at Deans Marine?

Kind regards