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St Olaf
« on: 10 November 2017, 10:40:47 »
Hi, all,

I am a new convert to ship construction, from the aircraft world, so would appreciate any help offered.

I am about to start on the St Olaf, the US Army Hospital Ship.   I selected this ship because It was the nearest that I could get to the type of passenger ship that I was looking for and which would be large enough to incorporate lots of detail and my need to expand my electronic skills with lighting, smoke and sound.

I am a slow worker because of my paranoia with detail and always look for a model build which will take me through the winter months.

So, anyone who has built this model, or has experience with smoke, sound, automatic bilge pump construction or indeed any advice would be appreciated.   One concern that I have, which may appear silly to all you experienced ship builders, but which does not enter into the aircraft world, is how is the water ingress through the prop shaft controlled?