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Jim Quattrucci

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Poor service
« on: 18 July 2017, 18:24:26 »
l went to deans marine for some professional advice and help I wanted a speed controller as I wanted to convert my set up to digital.I took with me my digital transmitter and reiciver ,Ron fitted the speed controller but it would only do forward speed not reverse and was told by him that it was set up for aeroplanes and that I would have to sort it out.Itook the set up to another dealer and was told it was ok they thought it was the speed controller I bought a new transmitter and receiver from them went home and tried again , the same thing happened forward only so I changed the speed controller and all worked well.on returning to deans marine I was immediately told that I had blown the speed controller and I had fitted it incorrectly I informed Ron that it was he who had fitted it he then said the warranty was invalid as I had cut off too of the connections I once again told him that it was him who had cut the fittings,he then contacted the makers of the controller and that I was a amateur and had fitted it wrong. On speaking to their technical department  my self they agreed it was the speed controller that was faulty.I was eventually offered a another controller but felt that I had to argue my case for a result,I was told by Ron that because I had argued with him he just wanted to wash his hands of me ,surely good service would have been to offer a replacement and return the controller to the company ,clearly deans marine are not interested in after sales service . I am very disappointed as I have spent a lot of money in the past with Deans Marines. Jim

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #1 on: 21 July 2017, 09:05:13 »
i can not quite believe what i am reading here...!
Mr Deans is a pretty helpful guy, and probably goes out of his way to help most modellers..

you are saying that you wanted to convert your set up to digital, may I ask what transmitter you are using... or what do you mean by Digital..?
and if it is one of the newer systems, did you have the Airplane or Heli set up... as programmed..  probably if you had it set up as a Airplane .. the left stick it probably not centred..!  so the speed controller would not know were neutral is..!

It would be helpful if you were to give us some more information about what system and how you were trying to connect it all together, probably with photo's that way we might be able to help..

me as the admin of this forum, is also very disappointed in the comments that you have made, you have obviously not read the Forum Rules...!
you do realise that this forum is not run by Deans Marine... its run by modellers for modellers..!
kind regards

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #2 on: 21 July 2017, 10:08:17 »
"....clearly deans marine are not interested in after sales service..."

My experience is completely different: after sales service was excellent when needed. Missing parts arrived two days later in Germany :)

You should post details as requested by Colin.



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Re: Poor service
« Reply #3 on: 21 July 2017, 10:57:20 »
I find your coments regarding DEANS MARINE .Upseting I have known RON DEAN about 30 years and I have built several models over the passed years. ANY time i had a problem I just had to ring RON and discuss it . THE answer was immediate . I found him very helpfull I can only think that you did not explain the proplem enough (cabinboy)

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #4 on: 21 July 2017, 13:39:37 »
I am sorry you seem to think you have had poor service as I find what you have said completely out of context from any experience I have had with Deansmarine.

I have built many of there boats and when ever I wanted help and advise I have always found Ron to be very helpful and only to happy to drop what he is doing and help which for someone who is running a business I am sure his time is very important.

As for there running gear i.e. Speed controllers, motors, couplings and prop shafts I have found these to be very good and never give any issues wheather  I have fitted them to there own kits or ones which I have built myself. I guess when you have been in the model boat business for many years I kinda guess they know what they are doing and only source good reliable quality parts.

I use aircraft radio in my model boats and it is true that you need to program the Deansmarine speed controller to the throttle centre point which isn't to difficult as I have done it. May be this is could be the issue that you were experiencing?

Having tried all aspects of radio control models cars, planes and helicopters I find the world of model boats a complete mine field. The combinations of motors, props, speed controller, batteries etc to be infinite and if not coupled together correctly a complete disaster. I have seen many model boats that are beautifully built but end up a floating buoy in the middle of the water when the running gear, wiring, etc has let go in some way. I can safely say I have never had that with anything supplied be Deansmarine.
They might seem a bit more expensive but I would rather pay alittle bit more for something that has been tried and tested to work than having to wait for my pride and joy to blow in with the wind from the middle of the lake.

For me  the internet has taken the place of model shops and gone are the days when you can walk in and ask advise or simply browse around  with only very few deadicated model boat shops I am thankfull that Deans marine are still in business and reasonably local to myself I have always felt welcome found them friendly and not to mention have a great range of models.

I do hope you get you model boat working and you can enjoy the more enjoyable relaxing side of actually sailing it on the water.


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Re: Poor service
« Reply #5 on: 21 July 2017, 16:01:42 »
Dear Modellers
Normally we would ignore this sort of post from Quaddricc, but I think this one deserves our version of the story.
 Apologies  if it is a bit long winded, and thank you to those who have made such kind comments,, its is nice to know that our efforts to help modellers. when we can, are appreciated.

 This person came to us on the 11/july and asked for speed controller to run two motors together. We enquired as to the voltage and the amperage, he had no idea at all as he had brought the model 2nd hand.
 We said we would not sell him an ESC as he would probably blow it if the rating was wrong.

 He told us he was new to the hobby and had no way of checking anything and the model was 2nd hand, could we help?

He brought the model in to our workshop, and when opened, to say the insides were a dogs breakfast would be a kindness, strange motors never seem before, wires all over the place and all different sorts and colours, plus other electrical item’s radars? Lights? plus two cell cells (no markings) wired together, with a spade terminals & a Tamiya plug, all to go in to the speed controller ? ( unknown type metal cased )
 With power wires taken from one of the battery's for who knows what.
 We said there was no way of risking a speed controller on this lot, He seemed upset having spent “ a lot of money “ on these models.

I agreed to do some test to give him some guidance and help in setting it all up properly.
 All wiring disconnected plus motors, rigged up on a loom from wire and croc clips, Then  tested motors with ammeter wired in, batteries both showing 3 & 4 volts. ( knackered)

 Rigged up a 9.6 Nimh battery from the store to motors and placed the model in our test pond, went like bat out of hell. ?

I suggested use 6 volts Nimh, he said he had cars with 7.2 packs and chargers, can he use them to save money. Test in the pond on a 7.2 pack from store, fine.

 Rigged up twin motors together, test and read amps, 4 amps each, in twin, 8amp, plus safe margin, use a 15 amp ESC.

 Rudder servo in boat unknown type, with wrong wiring set up on plug, suggest use a new servo to be safe.
 Showed him how to wire, motors and radio up, drew wiring diagram for him.

 Connected servos and ESC to his R X and run test, all O K but throttle stick would only operate on full range from bottom,. The screen on the front of TX showed aircraft set up.
  I did not want to play around with the settings as I did not know the radio system, and there were no instructions, so suggested the he go home and get the instructions, and read how to set it up for centre throttle on the L /F stick if it can.
 Gave him leaflets on the local club, and suggested he join the forum and Mayhem for any more help he may need.

 Few days later, back again, cannot get the motors to work after he had wired it all up ?
 I stripped it all out and re wired it all correctly for twin motors, single stick operation and test it all, works fine.
Told him to go back and fit radio and he MUST re set the setting on the ESC for the new set up, showed him again? He had been doing it incorrectly.

 Back again yesterday, no reverse on boat ( just brought back the ESC, no boat ) demanded a new ESC.
 I said I would have to test it, first.
I stripped out radio etc, from one of my boats and fitted his ESC to my RX & batteries and tested, all works fine but still locked with full stick on ESC.

 I tried to say that I would get in touch with Mtroniks and talk to technical. But he would not have that, Demanded a new ESC as it was not working. ? it was, and had, but not fully.
 I refused until I had talked to Mtroniks, He then started threats and being abusive, will write to Model Boats and drag us down, He will destroy us on the Internet as we are crooks and con men,

The two other customers in my workshop at this time, them went outside as they were getting worried by his attitude.

 He claimed had been to Inwood models in Huntingdon and brought some new radio for the boat, he claimed that INWWOD had told him, Deans are famous for being rip off merchants with no service or back up and they would never send any one to us for boats or kits as they are all rubbish and the ESC was faulty ( how without testing it )
 This was news to me, he had never mentioned it earlier, so hours were of my time had been wasted due to lies.
 When he had brought this new radio and  tried to rig it all up at home again, with the new gear, he still had the same problem. So he started on us.

  I tried to ask him if had he re set the ESC to the new gear, but it was a waste of time, as soon as I tried to speak he shouted me down,
 I then phoned technical at Mtroniks to find out how, or if, we could reset the setting on the ESC, they said yes, or it could have been blown, or it could be faulty, we would check it out while on the phone.
We could sent it back and they would check it, this was with him shouting out all the time so we could not have a proper conversation.

He them took the phone and started shouting at Mtroniks. When I got the phone back Mtroniks said the they would normally reset it for me and I could use it myself, but as the plugs had been cut off they could not replace it under warranty, but in this case they would so I could be rid of him, they did not want him giving them a mouthing either.

 I gave him the new ESC that was on the bench for him just in case his was faulty, but he wanted a refund, no problem, we would happily give him a refund, but we would need the receipt as he was given a discount as a new member to the hobby,  He shouted that we were trying to con him and rip him off. ?
 He decided to take the ESC anyway, he departed with lots more threats and shouting.
 He had NOT been charged in any way for all the hours of work I put in to trying to help him?

 I them went to my two other customers waiting outside to apologise to them and try explain that this was a exception, they are regular customers and were quite shocked that this could happen in out hobby, and they hoped that he never joined their club.

 I them phoned Dave at INWOOD models and told him what he claimed they had said to him, needless to say he told me that they would NEVER say that at all, and that they often sent customer to us for anything to do with boats due to our excellent reputation, and done so for all the years we had known each other
This person was a complete and utter liar and full of it ?
  They get them to in the model aircraft world as well.
 Apologies for the long winded response, but I felt that this required a reply as the Internet is full of the vicious trolls who try to use it as a weapon.

 As a reply to his comments, we had NEVER met this person before until he came in the workshop on the 11/7.
A speed controller, battery, and servo is not a lot of money
a couple of days before is not in the past as he insinuates he is along standing customer,
 Washing my hands of him? so why spend hours of my time trying to help  over three working days

 This will not put me off trying to help modellers if I can, as after 40 + years in the hobby I have always found boater generally a friendly and appreciate bunch who will go to great lengths to help fellow modellers
 Ron Dean
  Deans Marine

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #6 on: 21 July 2017, 16:51:31 »
I'm "Gobsmacked", Ron and all at Deans have always been helpful.
This post not really worth commenting on.

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #7 on: 21 July 2017, 17:24:36 »
I have to agree with others on the forum.  The service from Ron and his staff has always been curtus and over helpful.  I think this gentleman need to take a rest and come to his senses as what has been described by Ron is now way to respond to helpful advice. 

Good on you Ron for stating your side of the situation and clearing this matter up.
Thankyou for the outstanding service supplied by you and your staff.


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Re: Poor service
« Reply #8 on: 21 July 2017, 21:22:47 »
Not been on the forum for a few days. Utterly dumbfounded!!! I have found Deans massively helpful when I have enquired about even the simple stuff as I am new to R/C on boats but not new to boat modelling. Deans are always coming up with running solutions on boats that are not even produced by them, eg.Bismarck, Hood. Good for you Ron on putting the record straight and may you continue the good work. Derek   

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #9 on: 22 July 2017, 02:22:42 »
I have only good things to say about Deans. Weather it was questions about one of their kits or missing parts in the kits I ordered they were always very helpful and quick to solve any issues.  They have one of the best customer services around.

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #10 on: 24 July 2017, 12:02:45 »
Good grief, I read that slack jawed with amazement
Just the simple fact that the story can be corroborated or not with a named source is indicative of the validity of the entire tale
The customer is clearly not always right!

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #11 on: 08 November 2017, 20:30:49 »
I realise that this post originated some four months ago and as a new-be to this forum it did impart a little bit of apprehension, as I have just purchased one of Deans Marine largest kits and I must admit I had a wee bit of bother with the shop web site.

However, one phone call to Deans Marine resolved everything and I found their professionalism exceptional.

Is it not obvious to all that, manners maketh the man?   I had a problem with the online shop website which became obvious after speaking to Deans Marine, several times on the phone, that it was a programming fault.   Living in the North of Scotland they could not list my county correctly, which had ramifications to my order.   They kept saying that I lived in The Highlands and Islands and that my county was Morayshire.   Both incorrect.   I live below the Highland Line and the county of Morayshire has not existed since 1973.

I would stress again that I found Deans Marine, on the phone, very helpful and co-operative.

It is very easy when something goes wrong to just shout out loud, without thinking.   I am sure we all do it, so I would like to advise all using this forum to consider very carefully before firing off, as mud sticks and for new-bees like me, might just, yes might just put us off from dealing with the company.

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #12 on: 24 January 2018, 12:40:40 »
I have only visited Deans on about three occasions and have always found them most helpful.
On one occasion, Ron was extremely busy loading his van for a show on the continent but still made time to deal with my purchases and to offer sound advice.
This is a business run by modellers for modellers, long may it last!

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Re: Poor service
« Reply #13 on: 23 May 2018, 07:14:12 »
Having only recently purchased a kit from Deans Marine for the first time, I find this post quite surprising – the help and professionalism offered by Ron and his staff is nothing short of first class!!