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Dear Modellers
 I thought that you might like more news from the edge of the world near Farcet and to let you know the latest news from DEANS MARINE.

New release in the kit range.
 This new kit will be released at the Blackpool show the weekend of the 20-21 October 2017.
      NARROWBOAT   Scale 1/12   Length 1.08 m   Beam 190mm
 Release price  £148.00

The model.
 This kit is based on a glass fibre hull with rubbing strips moulded into the surface of the hull. The construction of the decks and main cabin is from laser cut 3mm marine plywood, all internals are 1mm +1.5mm + .5mm lasr cut Hi Impact styrene, main parts "tagged" for easy assembly.
 The glazing for the windows is laser cut and laser engraved for that engraved glass effect that is part of the style of these vessels.
 A full set of fittings in cast alloy, & resine is included in the kit, along with a propeller, prop shaft and rudder.
Cast chrome and wood vinyl panels add the extra "bling" to this attractive model plus full size plan and a comprehensive set of instructions.
 Basic furniture is include as kits of laser parts and fittings such as Toilet ( motor cover ) Seat (switch) Bed  (battery box ) Kitchen sink and cooker ( ballast box ) these can be used or replaced with figures and furniture not included in the kit, fitted out to your own style using standard 1/12 scale dolls house furniture, with lights, television etc.

   Full size details  NARROWBOAT

Narrowboats, Widebeams

All Narrowboats are 6 feet 10 inches wide.  Generally they are all made entirely of steel, ( this model represent a steel boat) although some older boats have wooden and sometimes even glass reinforced plastic (GRP) cabins. Widebeams are wider than narrowboats

Our canals are designed around narrowboats; with this type of vessel you can travel the whole waterways system, whereas you can't do that with a widebeam because  many of the canals are too narrow.
Generally speaking, a 30-40 foot boat is ample as a holiday boat, whilst a 50 plus foot boat is ideal for extended cruising or living aboard.  There is a myth that boats must be no longer than 57 feet long, because some locks have a maximum length of 60 feet. (for example the Calder and Hebble restricts boats to 60 feet and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal has a limit of 62 feet.)  But even if you buy a longer boat, you will be able take in most of the canal system.

Should that you require any further information of the products, please visit our website and online shop
          Deans Marine