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Re: Z37
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Hi All.
This model was completed some eight years ago and has seen a lot of service. It has sailed many times here in Essex at my club and other local clubs as well as MPBA events at Huddersfield, Burton on Trent and SWA events at Chartwell, Southern Air show and  the International Model Boat Show Warwick.

It has now undergone  change of identity from the German Kriegsmarine Z38 to  the Royal Navy HMS Nonsuch. In 1945 Z38 was handed over to the UK and entered service with the RN as HMS Nonsuch pennant D107. She served about 5 years mainly as a trials vessel and ultimately wrecked in weapons trials and subsequently broken up in 1950.

The transformation into HMS Nonsuch has been straightforward. From photos I have seen the outward appearance was initially in any case, much as it was as Z38 apart from the funnel caps being black and the D107 identities on both bows and stern. I think also that the wartime life rafts were also ditched but I have retained them.

I am hoping to get many years more service out of her and it should be a talking point as is nothing like any other RN destroyer of the immediate post war period.

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